Yoga is the most popular physical exercise with a long list of benefits. However, a vast number of yoga practitioners do it as a form of individualistic practice. Couples yoga is an effective way that focuses on connecting with one another rather than just yourself making the moves alone.

For couples or people in a long-term relationship, finding effective ways to connect with your partner and deepen your relationship can be hard-hitting. Unarguably, there are a lot of surprise concert tickets and dinners night for people to express feelings and connect more with their partner. These romantic surprises are great but if you’re looking to get deeper like building trust and intimacy, then you definitely need to get onboard with couples yoga.

The sole purpose of the couple’s yoga is communication and intimacy. Communicating with your partner properly during the exercise is a gateway to openness, confidence, understanding, and intimacy with each other.

Studies have shown that yoga is a great way to reduce the level of stress, anxiety, and depression. Couple’s yoga with your partner will improve emotional and mental health. Even locking hands with your partner alone is a great and immediate remedy to reduce stress levels. In the absence of all the external stress and anxiety, small issues that may have typically ignited an argument, negative feelings, or resentment can be eliminated with ease. When all these wrecks are getting rid of, you and your partner get to enjoy more positivity together.

Below are four yoga poses for partners to deepen their relationship and get more intimate.

Seated centering / grounding

centering couple art

One of the great yoga poses for partners is centering. With the pose, you get to bond with your spiritual and physical environment, preparing your mind for the yoga practice. Yoga works through setting your mind in motion for a good meditation, centering will help you achieve that.

ceated center

Execution: Sit cross-legged, face your partner putting your hands on each other knees. Well, for some people that aren’t comfortable sitting cross-legged, you can sit upon a pillow for a bit comfortability. Ensure you are seeing through your partner’s eyes. Exhale and inhale deeply like 10 times, for a deeper bond without saying a word. It’s a busy world where we often forget the importance of truly seeing who we are true those beautiful eyes of our partner, this pose it’s an avenue to reconnect through each other’s eyes.

Seated forward backbend

seated forward back bend

This pose is a bit challenging because it is meant to be an intense stretch for the legs and back. Before engaging in this yoga pose for partners, make sure you communicate with your partner to know who’s more flexible to avoid you or your partner getting hurt in the process.

seated foward couple yoga

Execution: Sit, having your back stick to your partner’s. Have one partner stretch their legs and begin to fold forward (bend knees slightly to avoid lower back issues). After that, the other partner bends their knees putting both feet flat on the floor. Then, begin to lean back onto the support of your partner. Take 4 – 5 deep breaths, then switch position with your partner. Ensure you communicate with your partner to know their feedback and whether a little more pressure can be applied to support each other.

Back-to-back chair pose

back to back chair pose

If you or your partner is a newbie in yoga practice, this will probably be a perfect pick for you as can use each other for support. This yoga pose for partners helps in strengthening the muscle in your thighs and feet leaving you an increase in ankle mobility.

Execution: Stand back-to-back having your arms relaxed by your sides. Then, press your backs against each other as you walk your feet hip-width apart and slightly away from your partner’s. Gently bend your knees and lower down just like when you’re sitting on a chair. Take a break and have a 5 – 6 deep breaths once you reach a 90 –degree angle in your knees.

Alternative Back to Back Breathing: Seated with your spines in line, your head and posture upright, take deep breaths in tune with your partner. 

back to back breathing

Taken a step further, you can place your hands on your partners thighs while you both breath as one.

back to back touching

Seated cat-cow

drawing crow pose

Seated cat-cow yoga pose for partners is good to stretch your hip, core, and back muscles. This pose also helps in expanding the lungs and chest, so ensure you focus on breathing when doing the pose.

couples cat cow

Execution: This can be done in a variety of positions.  Legs crossed in front of you, legs out like the image, or toes touching. Do whatever feels fomfortable for you. Reach for each other’s forearms while remaining seated. Maintain your grip as you release your shoulders. While breathing in, lift your chest up, making a slight arch in your upper middle back. As you breathe out, pull your chin into your chest, rounding through your upper middle back and spreading your shoulder.


Relationships grow in happiness and love when you put effort into them. Well, you can get by just fine without the yoga poses for partners but if you want a deeper connection in your relationship, then you should start practicing yoga with one of the above poses.

This is a growing list of poses and ideas.

Have a favorite pose you enjoy doing with your partner?

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