Stretches are good for checking injuries after a workout or for opening up your body before a workout. The best way to wake up your muscles is by giving yourself a long nice stretch. However, if you are out of shape, or you are pregnant or you are old, there are some stretches you are advised to avoid. Some of these stretches need good flexibility which you might not have if you are not extremely fit or you have joints problems.


This is also known as a wheel pose or a backbend. If you are extra fit you can always modify this pose by raising one of your legs. However, if you have a spinal injury or you are not flexible enough, this can be a dangerous pose. Should you not be able to hold yourself properly in this pose, you can fall and break your back. If you are out of shape, you can do this pose in moderation; another alternative for this pose is a bridge pose.

Full split

This is a thigh opening exercise for fitness freaks that are fit and have been doing it for centuries. Unless your body is extremely mobile, you want to stay within a safe zone. You can do a half split instead of a full split. This type of stretch can be hurtful if you have joint muscle problems. Some fitness students, especially the old ones have bone issues and thus they should watch out how far they go in a split. If you are doing any of these exercises and you feel pain in your joints, then you should stop. Pain in your joints is harmful; however, pain in your muscles is good.

Frog pose

It is a very penetrating thigh exercise that helps open your thighs and back at the same time. According to yoga enthusiasts, you store bad emotions in your thighs and when you open your thigh muscles by stretching, you get to release those bad emotions. However, if you are not at that fitness level, you might want to stick to beginner poses before trying a frog pose. The chances of you developing a muscle pull or a knee injury are very high in this pose if you are out of shape.  You could instead do a happy baby pose if you are into yoga or seated forward bend.

Twists/core workouts;

Exercises that have you twisting your body parts or stretching your core muscles might be harmful if you are expectant. These workouts hit your core hard and are effective for frying your core. Stretching your core is very risky for a pregnant lady and should be avoided. You can instead do a mountain pose for stretching your body if you are expectant.

Flow bow pose

It is great for your hitting your back. However, for men, it can be painful on your groin area. It can hurt your balls if you are not careful.

A locust pose is also a risky stretch if you are a man because it can cause some pain on your groin. However, they are effective for opening your lower back and giving you maximum flexibility. If you are to do them, listen keenly to your body. If you feel pain in the groin, you can stop. The best way to do them is not to stick on the pose for long.

Anything can stretch but to a certain elastic limit, should you exceed your stretching limit, you can get injured. However, your body adjusts with time as you stretch more and challenge your mind; it is good to start with the easy poses as you progress to these advanced stretches.


Stretching is always a good option, with limits.  Never push to the point of severe pain no matter what your fitness level.  Slow stretching is always a safe choice and your body will adapt with proper form and more importantly, consistency.


Have we missed some key stretches here that tend to have negative consequences?

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